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99 King St.

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Let's Go On A Tear


Here’s a song written by my old singer/songwriter/poet pal Scott Wicken, called “Let’s Go On A Tear” that I recorded a couple months ago. I was testing out a different studio setup for demos...Read More »

Vintage Sounds in the 'hood.

There are a few more gigs posted to the Events page, starting with a solo show at Petrus on Friday, March 16th. Follow on Facebook, follow on Twitter, or visit regularly to stay in the know!

Check out the Store for some “Pay What You Can” deals on...Read More »

Download store now open!

We’re beta-testing the new store and it’s open for business. Just a small selection of albums and singles to get things started but please stop by for a look and feel free to buy something! 😉

As mentioned in a previous post, we’re doing what we can to retain control...Read More »

Giving away music, on my own terms.

***EDIT*** (25/09/2018) – I’ve made a few adjustments to how I do things and one of the changes is I’m no longer giving away all my old content. Oh sure! You can still get some of it for free, just not all...Read More »

Who's Your DaDeO?

This is the theme/jingle I wrote and recorded around 2008 for my pals at DaDeO in Edmonton, Canada. It was one of my favourite places to eat and hang and they always treated us right! (Tequila!) The song was my gift to them as...Read More »

Decisions, decisions...

Honestly, one of the toughest decisions I have to make before each show/tour is what gear to bring! For the trio show, I have a few guitars to choose from. I generally bring the Les Paul Jr. as a spare and for any slide guitar playing using open tunings....Read More »

LIVE @ The Snug

We had a great time at The Snug and they’ve asked us to come do it again. Come see what all the fuss is about! Visit the EVENTS page for details.

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More Friday night fun @ Petrus

Friday 28th April @ 8PM. Hit the ‘Events’ page for details. Start the weekend off right!

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LIVE @ The Snug

Taking the trio into the ‘hood to get down. Gonna have us some fun! Hit up the EVENTS page for all the details. Yeah!


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Friday night fun...

Tim Lee Live Modern Toys Loop Pedal


I’ll be spending a few Friday nights at Petrus Wine Bar to finish out the year. Come join me for some fun!

Nov. 25, Dec.16, Dec.30 – 8PM See the Events page for details.

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Barcelona 2016

Once again, we had a great time in Barcelona! It is a wonderful and vibrant city with world class clubs and players. We managed to do some vintage guitar shopping along Carrer dels Tallers and I also found a few ‘carry-on’ size bottles...Read More »

BBC Radio - Drivetime with Stephen Foster

Some music from my visit to ‘Drivetime’ with Stephen Foster at the BBC. Dig it!

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Another great year at Gig In The Garden!

We had another great year at Gig In The Garden and helped raise £12,000.00 for Action Medical Research for Children. Thanks go to my bandmates Ronnie Hatt and Dave Bacon for helping me do what I do!

I’m already looking forward to next year!

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Gig In The Garden 2016

It’s time once again for my favourite festival gig in support of Action Medical Research for children. Saturday evening, the trio will be doin’ what we do, and on Sunday morning I’ll be firing up the ‘Vintage Sounds with Modern Toys’ show for the Camper’s Breakfast.

This is...Read More »

Tune in...

Be sure to tune in to “Drivetime with Stephen Foster” on BBC Radio Suffolk, Monday 4 July, 4pm-7pm. I’ll be stopping by to talk about music, play a song or two, and promote Gig In The Garden, my favourite charity gig,...Read More »

Thursday @ Three Wise Monkeys

The trio will be hanging in Colchester on Thursday. Come say hello!

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Shine On - John Lennon's 75th

To celebrate what would have been John Lennon’s 75th birthday, Stephen MacLachlan decided to enlist the help of a few musician pals and record a couple of Lennon’s songs. Once word got out, the project grew into an eight song album featuring 20 artists and...Read More »

Gig In The Garden 2015

Another great year at Gig In The Garden raising money for Action Medical Research. Thanks to all involved and a huge thank you to Ronnie and Dave for doing a great job backing me up. Can’t wait until next year!

Miss Ray took some great photos and video; I’ll post...Read More »

Good times...


Here’s one from the archive. The spring of 2002, if memory serves. DSP Studio in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. This was from one of the sessions that resulted in my first release. The photographer was Jen Fewster and I’m on the left, joined by Junior Malleck and Mel Brown. Steve...Read More »

On the bench... (Part III)

While the glue is drying on a couple other projects, I fired up the soldering iron and replaced the guts in my Telecaster knock-off. New pickups, pots, switch, some shielding and for good measure, vintage style cloth covered wire. Turned a £150 guitar into a serious tone machine....Read More »

On the bench... (Part II)

This guitar is one of my favourites, these days. Unfortunately, it needs a major adjustment to be suitable for my needs. After exploring the options, I’ve decided to reset the neck angle so I can get the action just right without sacrificing the break angle on the bridge. Since I...Read More »

On the bench...

I’ve been meaning to do some work on a few things laying around the studio. Today, I finally got around to pulling the neck off this old box. It came to me needing a neck reset and that’s just what it’s going to get! There’s nothing like the...Read More »

Membership has its privileges. (Part II)

The Boathouse gig was a blast, and a blast from the past. It was great fun working with Murray, Steve and Junior again, and it was great to see Kevin, Maureen and the rest of the Boathouse crew. Not to mention all the friends who stopped by! Some I see...Read More »

I hate flying... (with guitars)

As most people know, handing your valuable instrument to an airline baggage handler is a risky affair. I have always said: “If you’re going to fly with it, pack it in a proper flight case and insure it!” Well, this time I’m doing things a bit differently. You see, arch...Read More »

Wanna have some fun?

I’m hooking up with the original Revelators for this show. Murray Campbell on drums, Steve Toms on bass and, of course, Junior Malleck on harps. Dig it.

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Reunited and it feels so good...

I am really looking forward to the show at The Boathouse on Sept. 6. One reason is that, if everything goes according to plan, I will be reunited with my favourite vintage Garnet amplifier. Because of the voltage differences here in the U.K., I decided to leave that amp in...Read More »

A.R. Johnson

This is my good friend Allan Johnson, doin’ what he do!
Allan and I started working together in the mid 90’s and we’ve been thick as thieves ever since. I’m looking forward to hanging with him again while I’m in the area in September. If anyone in the Waterloo region...Read More »

Tone matters II - Resonator day.

I upgraded the cone in my steel body resonator last night. A noticeable and welcome improvement over the old one. The next job on the list is to swap the pickup in the National ResoTone. It comes with a Lollar pickup which I find a bit thin sounding; this thing...Read More »

Texas Johnny Brown

Thank you, Texas Johnny Brown.
Rest in peace.

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Another day in the studio.

Yes indeed! Another funky day in the studio. Stopping for lunch because you need to feed your body as well as your soul. Maybe a short walk in the sunshine and then back to tracking. Sweet.

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Membership has its privileges.

When I was working with The Russell Jackson Band, Russell let me make copies of live recordings he had from years gone by. There was a ton of great stuff and these are my favourites. Mel Brown and the Silent Partners – Live.
My minidisc player was stolen years ago...Read More »

More from Barcelona

Here are a few pictures from the clubs in Barcelona:

Jazzsi, Prize, and Fizz.

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Tone matters.

There’s nothing like a good, old fashioned tube swap to get an amp sounding proper! Thankfully, I brought my vintage tube collection with me.

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Barcelona, Spain

We had a second dose of Barcelona a couple weeks ago and it was great. Stopped by FIZZ for an old school Blues jam, spent some time at Prize to get in on the acoustic Blues action and we made some noise at a few other places, too. Barcelona...Read More »

Dig it.

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