Giving away music, on my own terms.

***EDIT*** (25/09/2018) – I’ve made a few adjustments to how I do things and one of the changes is I’m no longer giving away all my old content. Oh sure! You can still get some of it for free, just not all of it. I will also be putting the free stuff on a few of the streaming services, so if you’re a subscriber, be sure to add me to a playlist or two. I’d be mighty appreciative. </EDIT>

***ORIGINAL POST*** Well alright! How you all doing? Hope everything is just dandy with you and yours.
There have been a few changes to the ol’ web-house that I hope you will dig. Most importantly, I have uploaded music from three older CDs to the “Watch/Listen” page. Feel free to stop by any time and hit play from your computer or mobile device.

I am not a big fan of any of the digital music delivery options I’ve been involved with so far and I sure as hell ain’t interested in earning $0.0038 per play from any of the music streaming services. Exposure be damned! At that rate, I may as well give it away so that’s exactly what I’m doing.

Sort of.

The music is available to you, for free, but can only be played  through my website. I am doing my best to retain ownership and control of the music I produce moving forward so I’m experimenting with keeping everything in-house. I’ll be playing around with a few options/ideas over the coming weeks and months to try to figure out the best way forward with new recordings and such, so things may change. For now, dig some music, on me.

For those of you who want to take the music with you, I am setting up my own web-store. It should be up and running by mid-February. More about that later.