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Barcelona 2016

Once again, we had a great time in Barcelona! It is a wonderful and vibrant city with world class clubs and players. We managed to do some vintage guitar shopping along Carrer dels Tallers and I also found a few ‘carry-on’ size bottles of Ratafia Russet.

Here’s a clip from Jazzsi featuring a bit of ‘controlled chaos’ with some old pals. Can’t wait to go back!

Gig In The Garden 2016

Tim Lee TimLeeLive Gig in The Garden 2016It’s time once again for my favourite festival gig in support of Action Medical Research for children. Saturday evening, the trio will be doin’ what we do, and on Sunday morning I’ll be firing up the ‘Vintage Sounds with Modern Toys’ show for the Camper’s Breakfast.

This is my third year performing at Gig In The Garden and I can’t wait! Come join us and everyone else for a weekend filled with music, food, and fun for the whole family!

Tune in…

Be sure to tune in to “Drivetime with Stephen Foster” on BBC Radio Suffolk, Monday 4 July, 4pm-7pm. I’ll be stopping by to talk about music, play a song or two, and promote Gig In The Garden, my favourite charity gig, in support of Action Medical Research. Read more →

Gig In The Garden 2015

Tim Lee Live Gig In The Garden 2015 1

Another great year at Gig In The Garden raising money for Action Medical Research. Thanks to all involved and a huge thank you to Ronnie and Dave for doing a great job backing me up. Can’t wait until next year!

Miss Ray took some great photos and video; I’ll post more soon.

On the bench… (Part III)

While the glue is drying on a couple other projects, I fired up the soldering iron and replaced the guts in my Telecaster knock-off. New pickups, pots, switch, some shielding and for good measure, vintage style cloth covered wire. Turned a £150 guitar into a serious tone machine. Sounds great and I don’t mind it getting kicked around a bit.… Read more →