Work In Progress

patron (ˈpeɪtr(ə)n/) – noun
a person who gives financial or other backing to a person, organization, or cause.
“a celebrated patron of the arts”



Another thing we’re developing is a sponsor and/or subscription option that will offer exclusive perks along with the usual music downloads. Because it is still in the early stages, there isn’t anything available other than a personal ‘thank you’ from Tim Lee and perhaps a social media shout-out, telling the world how wonderful you are! But seriously, if you want to help us test the system (and pay the bills) by sending us money, we won’t stop you! However, it would probably be better for you to go back to the store page and buy some music that you enjoy. That way you get something out of the deal as well. We’ll be sure to let you know when we have more cool stuff to give you as part of a patronage/superfan deal. Peace!